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Bondage website sample video of sexy girls bound and gagged. women in bondage
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Breaking into the Adult Entertainment world. The basic guide of how to become a bondage photographer and producer : Written 2019

  • Please READ THE BASICS in full then click on the hyper links to get the tools of the trade! Do it step by step and come back again, bookmark the page if necessary for more info as you require. The adult industry is a tough nut to crack and its not as lucrative as it once was, so regard it as a labour of love rather than for pure profit.  Doing bondage is fun for sure but remember always:  you got to have a reasonable cash flow to get you up and running. My philosophy  has always been, “it costs a fortune to make the girls look this cheap”  It does!


 A lot of people now run bondage related or indeed any adult entertainment websites using free hosting packages such as or alternatively  The advantage of such sites is that you don t have to be a internet whiz kid they do it all for you for a % cut. Its a quick fix but its not long-term as when your top of the tree sure you will get sales but if you don t upload regular you go to the back of the queue.  Regardless you will need identification such as a current Passport or ID such as a Driving License and most importantly a bank account as you want to get paid I assume?

You will need girls, amateur or professional and good models are available of various websites but they wont entertain cranks so be professional and respect models limitations. You may get local girls from social media sites especially Fetlife whereby you may get a girl who likes to do it for free,  but for more reliable seasoned models you need to go to modelling sites and get established with a good reputation. Most of the modelling sites are for free but you can try the universal sites such as Modelmayhem or the UK model site PurplePort Most of them will cater for soft or hard core bondage or if you only want to do Adult related footage some kinky girls who are pretty much up for anything can be found on Adultwork = Pay for play bondage!

So you now got girls who like to be tied-up and you also have a platform to launch your stuff but equipment? Well the quick fix is just a simple camcorder but you want at best a good HD model and prices range depending on your budget but try the latest on offer from Amazon or you can try EBAY I would recommend a Sony or Lumix but will give details and links below

Other basic stuff you need is rope , duct tape and perhaps toys plus clothing but for the best  cotton (6mm thick) rope again try Amizon and for super sexy clothing and sex toys you may try the not so cheap: annsummers or the more cost effective website ( but they do sell some rubbish! ) lovehoney

That s pretty much all you need to know to get started but remember thats a very simple way to make a footprint within the industry. This is the quick fix for quick results but more advanced options are available so check out the below if your topic is not covered above


 If you want to create your own bondage-website your going to need a Domain - a preferably. Many websites offer cheap domains but the most popular one of many is for example and make sure the domain name is catchy and specific to your brand but be warned most of the good names you want have likely been taken so it can be frustrating but stick to something memorable and unique.

 If you intend to do launch your own independent  website the second thing you will need is a host. Your better trying to get a host that offers you a starter package so you want to get a fast server but with typically a small cheap disk space to get you up and running. Shop around but offer some cheap starter packages.  Dont jump in at the deep end! Buy initially a SMALL package so whilst your site grows and gets noticed by the search engines your only paying for a minimal service and you can always upgrade your package at any time you feel fit.  For basic information about Hosts try or alternatively design and host packages are available form the popular Remember your creating what may be considered adult related material but dont think your limited to services - they want your business and want to see it grow

Assuming now you have your content, you have got your domain and now you have a host your ready to start publishing your work on the big wide web your all set and good to go and your going to make a fortune right? WRONG sorry to spoil your fun but typically it takes at least 6 months for your site even to get noticed so in this time you wont get any returns for all your hard work. You need to do self promotions with social media and create web-masters accounts with all the key players to get you noticed at all. Don t assume as its launched that everybody is going to see it : GET IT NOTICED and create accounts on ( dont publish explicit material ) or use but again only promote free samples that are tasteful content as if you dont you will find one day your account has been taken down so be wise with your image samples. If your content is very tame more damsel in distress type themes you can even use but this platform is not recommended for any graphical images at all so be warned!

The key to getting your site noticed is Sitemaps. You may not have seen one but its just a index of every page you have on the web that you have published and a sitemap is generally for free and will get noticed by all the search engines eventually. You need to do this yourself and its not as complex as you may think but its a free lunch and its not super complicated.  A typical site-map looks like this example: Google does offer a sitemap generating service but Google is always over complicated with dreaded  “learn more”  hyper links. I just tend to avoid the headaches and you can use this free website - type in your URL and download your sitemap and your good to go

Submit your sitemap every month is automatic but you got to create free accounts with the big boys.  70% of the Euro and American market use so get a free account and place your sitemap on Google and it will get noticed in a month.  Dont forget about the very easy to use Bing and Yahoo accounts and at the time of writing Bing has merged with Yahoo so you only need to create a free web-masters account with the very user-friendly and a big tip is that Canadians love Bing so dont just depend on Google. This should be enough but if your feeling creative dont forget the Russians and Ukrainians also like porn so give them a click as it cost nothing but your time Please use them primary and dont try to break down the great wall of China unless you know somebody on the mainland that can verify you by phone to create the account

You are now ready to earn some hard cash so you need a processor who sells your content and again they will take an admin fee to do this but the best one available is they are reliable with fast payouts.  Master-card  now charge a annual fee of $500 for processing and thats a big chunk when your getting set up so as a quick fix you can use they offer a free service that wavers this Master-card fee but be warned they are very slow with payouts and lag 30 days behind when it comes to your returns. Other merchant accounts are available but the ones I have indicated I use at this date so if know any better ones available hey let me know as I want some of the action! :



 The battle still rages do I use Canon or Nikon? Easy answer is use what your comfortable with as both perform as good as one another and its all about budgets. My personal preference tends to lean towards This will outrage the Canon users but most of my work is done indoors and for this reason only I find the colour tones of a Nikon are better and the resolution if good = more suited to indoor photography. I have used both and would say 60 /40 better produced images using a Nikon (indoors!) If you are doing any indoor photography please DO NOT rely on the on-board flash! You need a camera with a built in hot-shoe plate and you need a flash gun as a minimal requirement and the short sample movie demonstrates what it physically is and how it works - its not complicated! More professional users will use the camera with additional soft boxes and the leader in this market was bowens-softboxes but they have now sadly gone out of business but you can still acquire some good cheap additional lighting if you so require that will create a good sharp image in conjunction with your camera.

The final topic covers camcorders, and if your on a budget you really cant go wrong with a Sony  and again more high end camcorders are available but I have used in the past a Lumix-Panasonic with remarkable results and very user-friendly. They even do 3D video if thats your thing!

I hope this article has helped in some way to getting you set up and remember monitor your content to avoid the pitfalls and pirates: The Porn Hub

Drop me a line if you need any assistance, will try to help if I can!:Producer of bondage website:


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Bondage models in the uk. Spanking models, tie up and tease girls
Bondage models in the uk.Spanking models, tie up and tease girls private sessions